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It baffles me why they do it or more specifically why not?

Game previews within a headset are 2D,I don't get it..............Where is the 3D preview?Put me in the game,let me see what its like... I'm not buying a 2D game and I'm in the headset store looking to buy a VR game. Obviously we would need to downlo...

SlimeVR Open Source Full Body Tracking Launches Funding Campaign SlimeVR is an inertial mocap solution that has just opened on CrowdSupply. The tech is similar to mocap systems like Perception Neuron and PrioVR, but with some very interesting difference...

slimevr-angle-01_jpg_project-body.jpg slimevr-tracker-with-extension-cs_jpg_project-body.jpg
kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Receiving files from other devises

So has this ever happened to anyone? And if so does anyone know how to fix it. So I was trying to install mods onto blade and sorcery nomad and why you ask? Because I’m cool. But anyway I installed the mod and I plugged my oculus into the computer wi...

Cranerz by Level 2
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Horizon Worlds Available to UK This Week Some time this week Horizon Worlds will allow access from people in the UK who are 18+. Apparently they will start adding parts of Europe later. No mention of Asia Pacific though. They a...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Controller problems

Hello I'd like to know where i can get my oculus quest 2 controller joystick repaired. I'll say the probleme first, so i got my oculus two days ago and it worked fine, then today i played a game and when i moved foward it made the movement go back in...

Hand controls & earbuds

I have found out that the hand controllers are a bit slippery and I’m constantly trying to get a good grip when using them. I googled for grips and saw a few of them. Will I have to remove the grips when placing them on the docking charger ? Also loo...

Roomscale not working

So I’ve never had a problem with my guardian since the first time I got it (3 months ago) but after using stationary, it now dosen’t let me use roomscale. I’ll explain, so when I’m creating the roomscale guardian, set the floor level and trace the pl...

How to buy add on for a friend

I'm trying to buy an add on for Beat Saber for my friend, but it won't let me because I don't have Beat Saber myself. Any way around this?

w8again by Level 2
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Eye strain after using magnetic lenses

Hi,I use oculus quest 2 and I can play with contact lenses (-5D) for a long time with no issues.Recently I bought a pair of lenses for quest 2 from Aliexpress with the same power, so I don't have to use contact lenses. When I use them, I feel a sligh...

Controller Delivery date keeps changing

So i ordered a controller right? It says it would be coming on the 5th of july everytime i go to the page in a new tab, but after refreshing chrome (closing the app and opening it back up), the date changes to the 8th of july. Why is this so?

Parental Control Downsides

I have only recently learned of the Parental Controls, and I already hate them. To all parents who have the case of, “ I got my kid a cool headset for a holiday and now they don’t do anything,” welcome to what happens when you give kids fun stuff tha...

VR Crashing

I don’t know if this is exactly what to call it but all I know is that when I’m having fun in VR Chat, around the same amount of time which might be like 10-20 mins I’m not completely sure, but VR Chat kicks me out around that time. It won’t kick me ...

hxiress by Level 2
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Resolved! Is it worth buying

I’m 62yr old male looking to buy the oculus vr system. I am curious as to if the system is worth buying? I’m unable to stand for long periods of time. If I’m going to use the hand controls, are there games available for me to play?

Account wont load, all apps gone.

Just installed the latest update and now I can’t access my account or apps at all. Alraeady tried every fix short of a factory reset. WTF meta.

Recall Quest

Dear Quest until you can update I.T for troubleshooting please do not sell another quest. This was our family game and we can't even play it. We paid over 100 bucks on the games and can't even install them. This is so upsetting bad service bad vr. Wi...

two factor authentication not working

When trying to log in via facebook within my headset it asks for a 6 digit authentication code but said code has failed to successfully send multiple times.

Resolved! Texting on oculus?

I know it's quest 2 is not cellular but is there an app that can send phone text alerts to the Oculus quest via wifi?


a question friends someone stole my oculus quest 2 in a hotel the problem is that I don't know how they got in and I wanted to know if someone can tell me how I can locate them I appreciate it 

Noise cancellation on a Quest 2

So I like having quest 2 noise cancellation. It helps a lot when you have friends or family who are being loud. However, I don't usually have loud people in my house so having the feature is unnecessary. I want to be able to disable the noise cancell...


I plan on buying the oculus 2 that comes with the hand controls. What accessories should I consider buying along with my planned purchase?

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