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Error: Restart computer

I've installed the last patch and an the following error is showed:"Restart computerSorry we encountered an error during instalation. Please restart your computer and try running Oculus Setup again. If you still experience issues, contact Oculus Supp...

Tzalem by Level 2
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Rift S and Onward

Does anyone that bought the Rift S also own Onward? Does the tracking totally go haywire when you aim down a rifle?

Tracking major issues???

Hi i'm new to the community and have a rift s. i am wondering on what type of audio headset i should get. the audio is awful with my air conditioner on so i would love some assistance thanks. Also should i get the vive instead if i only wanted vader ...

jcalof by Level 2
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Just wondering about the file size on VR games....

I have noticed that the file size of all these games is small, like, extremely small in comparison to modern games. Example, Lone Echo, our newest and touted VR game has a file size of just over 2 GB. This is the same size as Amnesia (and LE is actua...

Can I use Rift on TWO different computers??

I have Oculus Rift on my desktop with a bunch of games. If I buy an Oculus S I would like to use that on my laptop so I am not stuck in my office. My laptop is VR ready BUT does not have enough ports for the RIFT. Can I Log into my account on both co...

Quest NEEDS Minecraft

Seriously, how is this not a release title? Minecraft sells hardware. Pull your finger out Facebook and do whatever it takes to make it happen please!

raeldor by Level 5
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Free Oculus Quest

Hey everyone, at the key note, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that everyone attending the f8 conference will be getting a free Oculus Quest on May 21. I haven't received any email or information to know how are they going to deliver it to my address. does...

Welcome to New Members (and a little request)

First of all welcome to anyone new to the forum, hope you're enjoying your Rifts Quests and Go's. There's bound to be some issues and questions and you've come to the right place for answers (hopefully!).Can I just make a little request (not just to ...

USB 3.0 not Recognized

Picked up my Rift S yesterday and started the app and plugged in the USB then the HDMI. Started and finished firmware update and then got the red X over the USB on setup. Worked fine on my Rift for months. Tried the Checkup program and everything was...

Runs great on my iMac Pro

OK so reading all over the web crazy work arounds to get Oculus to run on a Mac. No need for anything more then the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter from the Apple Store, see link below. I'd go all in and just get the one from Apple because I've he...

Never pre order go to Amazon or any where else

If you want to pre order anything in the future from oculus don't make the mistake that I did just go to Amazon or anywhere else or you will be waiting a minimum of 4 days after the release date. They use ups. I wish I would have known that before ha...

npurch by Level 3
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Rift-S and Quest Order Status

My credit card has just been charged. My Rift-S order is processing. Your order has been processed, and is preparing for shipping! For your convenience, here is a copy of your final invoice.I'm really hoping it's a nice visual improvement over my ori...

MowTin by Level 11
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These forums - augh!

I swear these Oculus forums are driving me crazy. Curious if this happens to anyone else.Every few weeks, I will open the forums only to find myself logged out for some unexplained reason. I then have to go to the Oculus main page, and log in from th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Left Oculus Touch IR LED won't turn on / won't pair to PC

Hey there, I bought my oculus back in Febuary and have been encountering this problem recently, my left touch will suddenly turn off and not turn back on, upon further inspection, none of the IR lights are on, Is there any way to fix this? I've alrea...

Demo of Oculus Quest LBE VR Experience!

Developer has now been able to release video of their concept now embargo has been lifted, of their Oculus Quest multi-player commercial configuration:

I checked out the Quest and Rift-S in person today

So no, I did not get to demo them yet! I should be able to demo them this weekend. I did however get to hold them, and the controllers. The Quest is just awesome, and the Rift-S looks much better in person than in the videos and pictures.My main feed...

Zenbane by Level 15
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3D Gameplay Videos for VR

I posted a thread over in the Samsung Gear VR forums for those people looking for more 3D content to view in the Oculus cinema. Well, I completely overlooked the fact that Oculus DK users can also check out the videos using things like Max VR, Riftma...


Hi,nowhere on the Internet (not on OCulus Homepage!!!!) I will get the information about the FIELD OF VIEW. Why not? Is it a secret? In a time where everything is getting bigger around displays (Smartphones, Monitors, etc.) it is important to know.Ca...

Clay by Level 4
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High end oculus vr.. don't hold your breath,15700021,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700253,15700...

OCULUS QUEST - bring on the HYPE!!!!!

I've made a countdown until the time of release for Oculus Quest.Discuss your excitement!!! on the HYPE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

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