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3D stereo cam 4K 30fps 180° on sale

In case anyone is interested in 3D photography, LucidCam is on sale this weekend for $320us. Was originally 399 and still listed on Amazon for 500.I'm not affiliated with them in any way, other than I just ordered one.You need to subscribe to their s...

Roaster by Level 8
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Seeking an app to assess visual acuity.

I am seeking an appthat will help to assess visual acuity in VR space. If something like this isavailable, I would like to use it. If not, then I would like to encouragedevelopment of such an app. The goal isto analyze my vision in VR space as I adju...

Hacking and antivirus

For the first time since I use internet, my pc has been attacked. This morning I noticed a new and strange screen when I tried to access the bank.I became suspicious and called the customer service from which I had confirmation that it was a scam att...

Where does SHARE go on the ACTIVITY page ?

When I selected ACTIVITY , I was presented an editor block so I created a short blurb with uploaded screen shot but then after selecting SHARE I was unable to find where it was shared.Is it being moderated and what is that page for ?

After the last update

Is any Body else having hotas issues since the last up date? mine has just stopped in the middle of a game quits working 3 times now never had an issue before(.X52)

From other suns performance

Just looking to see if anyone else has this same issue with the game i do. The game runs and loads fine initially but then after a while of play i get quite a lot of lag and hangs in the game. i have no issue with any other vr games at all and my pc ...

Russia 2018

good morning I bought an oclus go I'm a guy in Italy I wanted to know how to do this thing:You can unlock FIFA World Cup ™ coverage in your region's app by authenticating through your pay TV provider. I would like to see the parades of russia 2018 in...

SKYBOX beta testers needed (Oculus Go)

Hi friends,We are SKYBOX STUDIO. Some of you might be familiar with our product: SKYBOX VR VIDEO PLAYEROculus Go now supports 72Hz refresh rates. A lot could be done with that extra fps. It could make movies less flashy (especially the white portion)...

Space junkies beta issue.

So. I can start the game and play the tutorial just fine. But every time I launch the game it crashes my internet connection. I've never seen anything like it. Any ideas?? Everything else I have works completely normal including other games. When I l...

Fredd32 by Level 5
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Liquid glass lens protection

Hey,I already have really light micro scratches, they're only visible under direct light and from a specific angleand I don't think that any cleaning method would prevent the lenses from getting more scratches.Air is not strong enough to blow the dus...

Nipoc by Level 5
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Why does Rift REQUIRE DISABLING USB 3.0?!?

I've run into this issue in a few different usage cases, and I'm quite annoyed, since no parties involved have claimed accountability or provided an explanation.I've encountered this issue on Gigabyte and Asus motherboards, with the present one I'm t...

Oculus Rift Store Website

Is there a way to download purchased apps from the Experience or Oculus Store Website, without going through the Rift Desktop App?

Doum76 by Level 5
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Main monitor in headset

This might sound confusing at first but here goes.I have been playing City Car Driving and not all of the prompts show up in the headset and will only show up on the monitor. Is there an applet that will allow you to have a floating window that is yo...

Wish list

Is there a wish list or is there going to be one added. Would be great for this time of year. hehe. Looking to buy catch and release but waiting for sale. Would like it if it was like steam and they emailed you if there was one on.

If you wear glasses - ways around it? more hassle with glasses that don’t fit. Let your VR headset wear glasses so you don’t have to.I was thinking of getting my eyes tested (just for the Oculus use) and getting a set of custom made in between lenses to fir on ...

Videotron ISP + Oculus Store/Sever (Montreal)

Greetings All,I would like to know if any of you guys, using Videotron as ISP near by Montreal (more likely South-Shore Saint-Hubert) are having issues downloading stuff on the Oculus Store. Since a few days i started getting trouble downloading apps...

Doum76 by Level 5
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