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Anyone stuck trying to spend your £11 / $15£21.99 for From other suns and Eleven table tennis is a no brainer.I thought there was a thread asking for advice on what to buy, but i could not find it (it may have been another forum) but...

USB 3.0 HUB instead of adapter

So I am on this cable management kick and its damn near impossible to make a clean setup with cables going all different directions for all things Oculus. And I realize that if I were to mount a USB hub under the desk I could clean a lot of that upRi...

PSA Store Credit - Watch the Expiration Date

PSA because I've been stung twice now by store credit. Check the dates on the app.Bought the Rift on Black Friday 2016. Had virtually no problems since, always been great and good support on the one issue I did have with the hdmi cable. The problems ...

Any experience with occulus rift on AMD RX 580 4G

Hello,I contemplate to buy an Occulus Rift.My laptop has the following specs:CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 8 Cores, 3000MHZRAM: 16GBGPU: AMD RX 580 4GWould I be able to play Occulus Rift VR Games at reasonable settings ?Thank you for any advise.

VR screen mounts

Hi all,So I did a quick search, and could not find anything. Does anyone have a recommendation on a sensor clip mount that works well on the top of screens? Or on the screen mount I have? (pictures attached)

Glaidr by Level 4
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[SOLVED] Moving games

I keep hearing that with the latest update date we can move games from one library to another. How?? do I move them in Rift Where? Do I just use windows? What files can I move and what files need to stay. My C: drive is getting full and I want to mov...

DTH by Level 7
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Oculus Patch won't install

I've downloaded the patch and try to run the executable multiple times but nothing happens. If I run it from the download screen, instead of save, it starts to install and also goes nowhere. This is getting so old with Oculus.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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A little question about cancel preorders

Như chúng ta đã biết thì nhóm người thuộc các khu vực Châu Á thì có một số văn hoá rất xem trọng nhân tướng học. Nhân tướng học được xem một bộ môn nghiên cứu về các bộ phận trên cơ thể con người và đưa ra được những phỏng đoán về tính cách hoặc vận ...

Windows 10 Xbox One Controller Problem SOLVED!

The latest Windows 10 update (KB3176938) includes a fix for the Xbox One controller connectivity issue affecting users of the Windows 10 Anniversary update. If you are or were having problems, it should be safe to update Windows 10 to the latest now....

looking for surfing or snowboard game for oculus

Hello guys.I'm try to search simple snowboard or surfing game for CV1. But how I can see that's not easy.Some games for old sdk, some for android and other phones devices.Maybe you already played in some surf games ? Maybe know one?

McAfee quarantine of Unspoken

I missed most of the free weekend trying to install Unspoken. It turns out McAfee was placing the Unspoken.exe in quarantine. Once I restored the file, the program started working.

Notifications won't appear for my Rift Headset

I never disabled it, but I can't see any notifications regarding party invites, game invites, and achievements earned while I have my headset on. I was wondering if I turned something off somehow. Thanks for the help in advance.

New Issue with 1.24 "fixed" OVR Service

Updated the Oculus software after service issue. Now things works, kind of. I discovered video was playing slow and almost freezing up. So I started examining the events on the system when I discovered an event: "The description for Event ID 0 from s...

Hello and new

I am new to the forum and am working on upgrading to a system that will support Oculus. I thoroughly my recent tour of the system at Best Buy and am hooked. One question: I know that Oculus Go is on the way, but are there any plans to make Oculus Rif...

VR CPU usage vs non VR

I have a mid range mobile CPU and a GTX 670 GPU. (I know that this is not optimal for VR)In regular 2D/3D gaming on my monitor I get about 70% CPU and 100% GPU usage with framerates of (e.g. 50 fps in Farcry 3 on ultra settings).When I play on VR Hea...

15$ Apology from Oculus

Hey guys,I was wondering why I didn't get the 15$ in my account that everyone else got who uses their Rift. I was bummed all that day too! The only reason I can think of is that I only really use it for iRacing which may not show up? But believe me, ...

Oculus Tray Tool Question

Do I still need to install the tray tool is I have Oculus 2.0 running? also where can I download the latest verson?

ky4jw by Level 4
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Current Oculus rift deal, time until expiration?

Hello, my friend is thinking about buying an Oculus rift, now that there is a deal in which for 450€ you get the rift, touch and two sensors. There is however no "expiration date" for the deal that i can find. So my question is, at what date does thi...

Daronos by Level 2
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