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Become authorized retailers

Does any of you know any business contact for Oculus ?How can anyone become authorized retailer. There is none in my country (Poland). And it is a problem to buy more via Oculus Store. Becouse all you can buy at one purchase is one unit.There is a hu...

ZENonVR by Level 3
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How to become an official retailer in unsupported country?

Hi, I'm working for big VR solutions and retailer in Thailand. We'd love to have Oculus as one of our product but there's no support here in Thailand. We can even do after service center if that mean Oculus would support us. How can we make it possib...

Very disappointed…anyone else?

Anyone else disappointed with the conversations people are having/words they are using on some of these apps? My son likes to play gorilla tag…he is younger so some of the other games are a tad too advanced. The policy online is obviously to respect ...

Fully deleting vs. uninstalling apps leaves vulnerabilities

Well, this sucks. Having my Quest2 for a couple months, I have uninstalled a few demo apps and not-my-type apps. Online with tech support and told no way to get rid of app tiles without factory reset. Well, I didn’t want to reset and screw up some ga...

idunns by Level 2
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Oculus Discount Codes

Does anyone know how works the FB system for the Discount Codes distribution? I am active Quest user for a few years already (Rift CV1, Quest) and I never got personal discount code from the FB. I see how some my friends posting information that they...

arczi79 by Level 4
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Why do i never get any discount coupon?

I am a first day Oculus Quest 2 customer. I purchased games worth in the hundreds from the official store. I also took frequent breaks between buying games because some suggested that you only get a discount coupon if you did not buy anything for a c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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No updates on updates

Going through the forums and the blogs I see lots of people posting their issues and getting responses that updates are in the works, and on the blog we see updates on all the new things coming or releasing. However we see no updates on fixes for the...

Participant Recruitment for a VR Accessibility Research

Hi Everyone, the Mad-Ability Lab at UW-Madison is conducting research to investigate how people with disabilities perceive and use avatars on Social VR platforms. We are recruiting participants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to join our study. We sp...

recruitment flyer.jpg

Hello Everyone. I'm new to the forum :)

Hello everyone My name's Idene  I'm a game developer working solo on VR projects in UE4 and wanted to say to everyone. A DM to Meta on Twitter brought me here and I wish I had known about this before  Here's a trailer I made for my game  https://w...

Oculus app not opening

This morning the Oculus app is not opening, I used it last night as usual ended the session as usual, this morning all I get is the oculus black square and the little round thing trying to do something but nothing is happening. I tried to delete Ocul...

kobs57 by Level 7
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I bought my son a Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and I’m now thinking of buying one for myself, I was just wandering if there were any discount’s available when buying a second device ?

Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzrd

Nobody posted about this yet? I'm wondering what effect this will have on VR if anything. It's really all about the latest console competition heating up and providing content, probably exclusive content. There's a incidental impact on VR in that thi...

DaftnDirect by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus Italian Community - Friends, Game and Talk

OCULUS ITALIAN COMMUNITYSalve a tutti e benvenuti nella community italiana di Oculus!Qui potrete parlare, consultarvi, trovare amici, e giocare insieme nel mondo VR!Per tenervi sempre in contatto potete usare il nostro canale Discord!Oppure aggiunger...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Down The Rabbit Hole

I recently purchased this for Oculus quest, and while I enjoyed the first couple of hours playing it I was very disappointed to come back and find most of my progress hadn’t been saved! Does it only save at certain points and if so how do I know wher...


I’m looking for help locating city tours around 5 to 6 minutes in length. The city’s are global top spots . The view is 360. I watched a bout 10 of them. Loved it and now can’t find it . Help me get there again please

FO1234 by Level 2
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build mode horizon

When re we getting more shapes in horizonworld we can only do soo much with limited shapes or at least get a shapes manipulations tool or somethingalso the following is recommended by other usersGraphics:a graphic update too be more clear on our avat...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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v37 complete roll out

I know some of us got SOME of the features promised in v37 and some had issues that I read had supposedly got fixed. (not sure on the validity of that) my question is when will some we see the complete roll out of v37 cause I have the resizing of win...

UPDATE 37 rendered my headset useless

after update 37 i am unable to pair my Q2 headset to my pc like at all, even after a factory reset or even a reinstall of the oculus software, what am i to do? sell my headset cause its a paper wieght now since my entire library of games is on steam?...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus vs SteamVR Dynamic Resolution Scaling

I'm using the Quest 2 over AirLink and trying to smooth out some performance/glitching problems. I see that both the Windows Oculus software and SteamVR have their own dynamic resolution scaling options that are on by default. They're both supposed t...

Hitman 3 Gets Review Bombed Due To Terrible VR Mode

In the news, It seems that a few hundred VR Enthusiasts are not pleased with the current version of the VR Portion for Hitman 3. Review bombs tend to be an effective way to get a company to take action quickly. I have high hopes for Hitman 3 VR, and ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Horizon Workrooms and Workplace from Meta

Hello guys,Loving my Quest 2! Bought it mainly for gaming however I've been using it more for media and slowly for enterprise these days. I am in a non-profit start-up company, and we just started using Workplace from Meta for our work collaboration....