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Facebook + Cryptocurrency = Facecoin

Facebook Plans to Create Its Own CryptocurrencyFacebook started studying blockchain almost a year ago, when a member of its corporate development team, Morgan Beller, began looking at how the social platform could use the emerging technology.Marcus l...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Online study on VR, sleep and anxiety - £25 PRIZE DRAW

Hi everyone!I’m a third year Psychology student in the UK doing a study on the association between VR gaming, sleep quality and anxiety. It will involve a few anonymous questionnaires which should take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete. I am looking ...

Cambria will sell alongside Quest 2, it isn't replacing it

To quote John Carmack on twitter today: "An important point here is that the "project Cambria" product will *NOT* replace Quest 2, it will be sold alongside it. Quest 2 will have a long life." We know Cambria will be expensive compared to the Quest 2...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Can you name your headsets?

Hi, I have 12 headsets for work, and it would be very helpful if you could name the headsets so in the phone apps you can see which ones are one in the list.Thanks

Headset to Power Bank to Charging Cable

So I have searched the internet and YouTube videos and cannot find an answer to my exact question. Clearly I am a noob. I am 55 and this is the first time I've ever used VR. So I've attached my power bank to my headset. By the time I am done playing ...

Bachelor Thesis questionnaire (Only for CZ/SK community!)

Zdravím,rád bych vás tímto poprosil, jestli byste si na mě nenašli 5 minutek vašeho času. Dělám v rámci své bakalářské práce průzkum ohledně využití headsetů pro VR napříč ČR a budu velmi vděčný za každou dobrou duši, která bude ochotná si tento krat...

How are heart rate zones determined?

How does Supernatural determine heart rate zones? I just started using this product so forgive me if the answer is obvious. I don't see anywhere to input personal heart rate zones or even just age. I am using a Bluetooth chest strap and an iPhone6S p...

Double vision

Hello, this is not about the Oculus but rather VR headsets in general. I recently purchased the Merge VR, and I used it to watch inception, play games, etc. However, today I noticed (in real life, not vr) that I had double vision. It wasnt noticeable...

Chorpy by Level 2
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VR & Anime - Questions For Article I'm Writing

Hi Rifters:I publish a popular anime site ( and am also a huge Rift enthusiast. Anime and VR have always gone hand-in-hand (the mecha genre, .hack//SIGN, Paprika) so I'm excited about the future of anime experiences.I'm writing an articl...

adamagb by Level 2
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USB Card

Hello! I am a bit lost when it comes to USB. Currently, all my ports are used up with my flight sim rig. I am prepping to add an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset that connects to the PC via the link cable. 1) Am I right in saying that if I want to use USB/U...

Play off line

Greetings, I know live on a farm and have bad internet, 10MB download. Room is also an issue. However, I do have a large structure to play in but probably very low connectivity. Do I need to connect to the internet to play games?

oculus rift games on quest 2

so ive just purchased the quest 2 and was looking for help ive had the rift for about a year and have got a few games like beat saber so my question is will i need to rebuy those games when i get the quest 2 or can i play them straight out the box?al...

Get video off quest 2 headset and onto mac

Hi! Can someone please explain it like I am 5? How do I get a video I recorded on the headset of me playing a game onto my mac? I have a link cable but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Is there an easy way to go about this? Thank you so much for t...

PCVR Mods Showcase

Wasn't sure if I should put this in here or in the games forum but since this is more about the mods than the game, I opted here. I figured with the end of the Rift based games, it's a good time to highlight some other PC content that's available. He...

Oculus really need to revamp!

Y'all really need to update everything to really gain traffic when it comes to buying the games and the headset. First off, some of these games needs to have multiplayer to make the experience even better. Games like The Walking Dead and Gorn needs m...

How to use my own 3D-images?

If I capture a right and a left image with an ordinary digital camera, how can I view them in 3D using my Oculus Quest 2? Which image format should I use?How to load it into Quest 2?

NFol by Level 2
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How to WFH for Horizons as a Content Moderator?

Hello you awesome people! As the title say's I recently lost my job and ran into some amazing community managers in Horizons but forgot where they told me to apply as a Community Manager. Would love the opportunity! Much love an VR on! - JustinAKA. M...

How to save favorite apps to Explore Saved bookmark

It used to be easy to bookmark an app to the Explore Saved location, as there was always a bookmark icon on each apps details section. Now I am unable to locate it or how to go about adding or deleting from this particular Saved location.Any help out...

The first ever Quest Day launches

Interesting and fun concept, Meta has launched the first ever: Quest Day. It looks like Quest Day will center around random goodies being made available.You can track it all on the official site: Several products are on the cut...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Will Cambria be at CES?

With the reveal of Meta presenting at CES next month, speculation grows towards the dropped announcement of the Hi-End Quest platform making an appearance at the Las Vegas event.Example of the speculation doing the round in this video:

If i could only choose one upgrade. I've changed.

I used to feel I want the fov to be upgraded and visuals 1st but now if I could only have one upgrade, a much lighter form factor is most important to me before the other upgrades. I guess it's because I spend longer times in the headset. I'm probabl...