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WOW, GloveOne looks amazing! I hope they can/have acheived what they're claiming. This is one of the final pieces missing in our VR!Being able to feel in VR something we all know is essential.

Madaras by Level 5
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The World Of Pokemon

Breaking News The World Of PokemonOk, I know Pokemon, seems kidish, well it is and it isn't. When the original Pokemon came out it was fantastic. It captured the imagination, and even till this day people are still trying to catch them all. I propose...

Madaras by Level 5
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I've been away from the scene for a while working to pay for a vehicle and medical bills endlessly utilizing 90% of my income for the last 3 years. No more! Debt free again and was finally able to purchase a functioning VR setup with an Oculus Rift! ...

Madaras by Level 5
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Alternate - SP Zombie Apocalypse Game

Lifeless (The Zombie apocalypse game on Indiegogo and recently mentioned on these forums), I like what they're trying to do, I'm simply not a fan of multiplayer (mainly because there are a mass of people who do not know or care about role playing so ...

Madaras by Level 5
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Sensor won't connect after Creators update

I have had my Rift for only a few days and it was working fine then my PC received and installed the Creators update and now my sensors can't be found. I have verified the driver versions made sure that Windows isn't controlling the power for my USB ...

Oculus Debug Tool for 1.13

For people that upgraded to Oculus 1.13 and wish to use debug features (such as pixel density) you will need this new version of the Oculus Debug Tool that has been updated for 1.13. Sorry for the delay.

Resolved! no sound and Med Gen. question about medium

Upgraded to the latest Windows 10. I was trying to find the global settings (Where he works with the light and speaker.) after seeing the video a few days ago. I can not find it It should be under setting right? Where is it? I thought that I could re...

DTH by Level 7
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Created a list of the biggest Oculus Rift Misconceptions

I've seen a lot of garbage online misrepresenting the Rift and the spreading of some straight up lies. Here is my attempt to help out the Rift community! free to list any misconceptions I didn't mention...

Sploosh by Level 3
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Games that Need to be Remade for VR.

The following thread got me thinking... games are there that really should be either remade for VR or have a spiritual successor in VR?I named The Witness in the above thread and someone else me...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Is my machine capable in minimum spec?

Hey guys, I've been tentatively looking into VR, since picking up a new gaming laptop. I appreciate it isn't the most high-end, but was curious whether I'd be able to run the Rift on this to decent effect? Any input would be greatly appreciated: Proc...

DaemonD1 by Level 3
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Never Invite Grandma!!

yes i know as fake as half the news we read now but my brother txted me this and i laughed

Oculus Rift Local Multiplayer

A quick question open to everyone regarding local multiplayer, or potentially online depending on what best suits our situation.Basically we have two PC's with a Rift setup on both, we want to be able to play local multiplayer in various games (what ...


So I am currently arguing on another forum whether VR is "just" another 3DTV fad that's going to die natural death due to lack of support or not. And the people that are negative to the whole VR idea are saying that only a Killer-app can save VR from...

gr0bda by Level 7
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Is there a place for 3rd Party Controllers?

Hi all,Given that the ideal solution of actually seeing your hands and feeling the enviroment around you within VR is a long way off, it looks like we will be stuck with motion controllers and tracked props for a while yet.The first party motion cont...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Help from the Forum - Commercial Usage of Oculus VR

Dear All,I hope that the forum can help on this one.I have been approached by a major media service that is running a report on VR, and how the commercial entertainment aspect is gaining momentum. After my interview they asked a simple question:@xxxx...

Oculus hardware idea (rifle using oculus touch)

Friendly greetings ! I hope it will somehow reach developers or someone inside oculus.I was thinking about what's required to make a VR rifle.It strike me that all it need is to have 2 controllers at a fixed position/orientation relative to each-othe...

ker2x by Level 4
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Wireless rift - An addon?

The santa cruz prototype looks like it just staps a mobile pc onto the back of the headset.Will the timewarp/spacewarp be done on the headset, and the applications just streamed to it?Is the wireless headset going to just be an addon for the CV1, or ...

helpsl by Level 3
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Help-Dx11 could not switch resolution

a friend is trying to play steam VR game and is constantly crashing and getting this error:Details: switching to resolution 1024 x 600 failed, trying lower one all resolution switches have failed. screen: Dx11 could not switch resolution (1024x600 fs...

Introducing the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Will You Buy?

The GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA’s new flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture. This card is packed with extreme gaming horsepower, next-gen 11 Gbps GDDR5X memory, and a massive 11 GB frame buffer.