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Rift Visual Experience Improvement Update

We are pushing out a software update that can improve the visual experience in the Rift for many people. Already a percentage of people have received the change. By the end of this week, everyone should have the update.Keep in mind there can still be...

Massive Price drop on Touch Oh Yeah.

So chuffed just ordered my touch on amazon for £99, that is defo a much more reasonable price so glad I waited just didnt expect it to get so cheap this soon.

Options for Oculus VR in current software

Good day, we represent the interests of a 3D software simulation package used extensively in the mining space. To adopt the growing trend of VR and gamification and for an immersive engagement within the suite and other potential packages, I wanted t...

Jamievs by Level 0
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Acer Support Number UK

Do you want to Seach Laptop related issues.Dial our Acer help number UK for technical issues.Dial Acer helpline number for instant Acer Laptop support. Our well trained technical team is offering different support services like Acer Support , Acer su...

cannot install any games

I couldnt install any games on Oculus Home "sorry we couldnt download XXX, ..."and I also cannot add a payment method..PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus says “NO MEXICO” – Amazon says “YES MEXICO”

Oculus a division of Facebook will not sell or serviceOculus products in Mexico. But if you're in Mexico don't worry Amazon will sell Oculus products to Mexico.Hmm this sure makes it interesting as I wonder how customersget support in Mexico that pur...

Oculus Improvements

Hello, I am not sure if there is a section for this already but I would like to suggest an Oculus improvement.- Easy way to mute ourselves. It would be nice to have a feature were we can mute and unmute the microphone. Sometimes we want to have conve...

Are there plans to have "open VR" accessible by Rift?

I'm curious about the usability of Rift beyond the products that are directly controlled by Oculus. Are there ways that the Rift will be able to be used (in the future or now) with non-Oculus products. Specifically, I'm thinking about educational use...

tlillie by Level 2
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Shouldn't we all get the 50$ store credit?

I mean, we all did pay extra for Oculus + Touch, so I think the act of giving the bonus only the the last 30 days buyers could be perceived as unjust. When Nintendo lowered the 3DS price, everyone received the ambassador games. So why should it be di...

Zarlock by Level 3
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Find all VR apps in one VR store

Download VR Store -An Android App for Virtual RealityYou must have heard the term virtual reality many times before, but have you ever wondered about its future and how it is already impacting our live, VR Store finds the best Virtual Reality VR apps...

How to improve oculus sales

Hello oculus guys,I feels Oculus sales are kind of frozen by "saisonal best buy stuffs", and I would like to propose some of my ideas trying to save you and escape from Zenimax running behind you and trying to eat you alive.First of all stop immediat...

aminemo by Level 3
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I would like to share sensor error solusion.

I was going crazy with sensor errors. When I got my Rift last June I had n occasional sensor problem but it got worse over time. When I stopped using my front 3.0 usbs I stopped having that problem. A computer tech told me that the front usb is conne...


finally have an official release date i cannot wait

reefy86 by Level 5
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Friends list improvement

It would be nice to see a "recently played with" list. A few times I've gone to try to add a person I had a good time playing with and I can't quite remember their account name and can't seem to find them in a search. It would help us develop VR frie...

oculus + touch for $598 now? seriously? wow..

I feel like I should receive free touch controller. damn.. I paid $599 and I sure didn't get oculus touch last year. Even with reduced $99 touch controller price now seems like rip off. Also.. is oculus getting sued again or something? My bro told m...

shin777 by Level 4
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Oculus Reduce Touch by £99

Having bought my Oculus Touch directly from Oculus store for £189.00 only a week ago only to find today they have reduce the Oculus Touch by £90 - anyone know of a sales number so I can get a refund.

Monoscopic Video on Oculus Rift

Just ordered my Rift today but want to go ahead and make sure I have everything I need before it arrives. What do I need in order to view the 360 Monoscopic videos that I make?

Possible to have generic Leap Motion hands overlay?

Hey guys. What I'm looking for is just simply to be able to see my hands in VR (via leap motion sensor) with no added functionality required. Specifically I want this when playing DCS, but ideally it would be possible to use it in any game and to tog...

How to get SOUND to work on desktop????

Ever since I installed Oculus on my desktop I have no sound on my computer. Sound does not come out of speakers when I am using my desktop but ONLY out of CV1 even though Oculus is not opened up. I just tried opening a youtube from Firefox and the so...

Took the plunge. Tripped the rift. What to expect?

Tripping the Rift was a dirty 3d science fiction show onyears ago, and I liked the sound of it. Anyway -I purchased the rift + touch bundle and an added sensor. I did a lot ofresearch before, probably read thirty in depth reviews, scores of others, s...

how do i install robo recall loco mod?

i followed a guide of google by installing it through epic game launcher but when i hit launch it opens up as if i want to mod the game myself and on the headset its saying sorry ue4editor.exe is taking awhile to load and just stays there.cheers

reefy86 by Level 5
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Wireless Oculus Sensor?

This might be an existing topic already, but does anyone know if Oculus Rift is ever going to come out with a Wireless Sensor of some sort?

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