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is it worth it

The resolution is very poor i expected a little better I've had the rift for a couple of months now and cant really play comfortably for more than an hour without my eyes getting extremely tired from trying to read text in games and also the flickeri...

qf777 by Level 2
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Temporary Sensor Mounting

Hey all, first time poster here. I see a lot of good ideas for permanent sensor mounting, but considering we still don't know the best setups yet, I needed a reliable method of wall-mounting that can be changed easily. I decided on attaching the sens...

Windows 10 Creators Update

I read an article this morning about the next major patch for Windows 10, which is scheduled for release in April. One of the biggest features included with the upcoming patch is the introduction of a "Windows Holographic" UI update to add built-in V...

new to Oculus

Have the app on my phone but every time i try to log in with my email and password it comes back saying email already registered and no other options??? any ideas thanks

hixy67 by Level 2
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A few thoughts on disorienation sickness issue

The vastness of depthI close my eyes and open them again and for a part of a second, it's dark then my vision returns. This blackness between opening my eyes and returning vision is the length of time it takes for my brain to calculate everything it ...

w1dg3t by Level 5
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Suggestion: Remote Install from phone or "other pc's"

Situation:I'm at work now, my VR rig is at home and i just bought the touch boundle...I want to arrive at home tonight and just play my games, but i'll have to install them first...How to solve this problem?Simple!!!! Give us remote installation when...

Kalec84 by Level 7
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Full ROM possibilities for ehanced experience.

After hearing about occulus rift , how it works and its capabilities I feel like were just barely tapping into its full capabilities. Everyone knows that the eyes fool the brain to convincing what it sees is a reality but it's always half baked becau...

Ragzeal by Level 2
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Oculus Rift CV1 on Mac

Ok, before saying "NO" I want to hear if anyone actually tried (on Bootcamp of course)I do have a powerful machine with 980ti at home but when it gets delivered to my work I just want to give my colleagues quick demos for the afternoon but the proble...

minimoo by Level 3
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Dragon Front download from the 6 game bundle

Couple quick questions:Just completed the awesome tutorial and chose a faction. Now it says to unlock the full game is $24.99. Did I mistakenly get a demo version or did this bundled version only come with the one faction? Also, it was supposed to co...

konix89 by Level 2
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Adding a clocking inside Oculus Home interface

Oculus should really think about adding a clock into the Oculus Home interface so that players wouldn't have to take off their headsets to see what time/date it is. Which would be quite handy as the time runs fast when you are in the VR world. Then w...

The true VR Sales winner: Homido

Homido claims over 500,000 sales in their VR Headset, starting from 2014. But I wonder if they are counting refunds? I actually bought one of their headsets a few months back, to help with a real-estate VR demo I was going to do. But the headset suck...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Yet Another "Thanks to Oculus" Post

I am playing computer games since the mid 80s. In recent times I got a HUGE gaming burnout, after going through "extreme gaming phases" like in WoW etc. which I and wife played religiously. Some time back I even got a GTX970 since I am always excited...

Newbie is totally perplexed by usb 3.0 "Hardware Error"

Just received an asus g11 with the oculus package. Easy setup. The demo worked great! Tried to load the valkyrie game, and discovery vr (both downloaded through oculus store) . Both threw up an error message "hardware error - update usb drive to cont...

3rd camera arrived

360 degree tracking is definitely improved. I totally see why oculus dont support it officially with 2 cameras.(please dont call me a liar on this again anyone).. I guess the only sad thing is the userbase is fragmented even more with some without to...

Touch Must Haves.........(Non Teleporting)

Okay, thanks to all who chipped in on the other thread. I've brushed up on the recommendations and have been quite dismayed to find that they mainly form a teleport fest. I hate teleport games with a passion. Anything worth considering that allows fr...

Touch must haves?

I've been away from the 'rift for a few months due to the house being in disarray. Just getting it set up again now, and have succumbed and ordered the Touch controllers. They'll be here towards the end of the week. Thing is, I've pretty much lost to...

Best of VIve, Oculus, and PSVR ++ for 2016

Arstechnica has as interesting article "A real year for VR: 2016’s best on Vive, Oculus, PSVR, and more" that's worth reading.

zboson by Level 9
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spend time in the magic forest?

is there any app that lets you spend time in different 3D landscapes, lively ones (with moving things and sounds, even some music), like in the magic forest from the short movie Lost. i was really enjoying the fantasy forest... before the action star...

b3lun by Level 3
  • 5 replies
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What? The Rift came with a Mic that is inside of it?!

Wow, I'm sure this is old news to everyone but me. I just learned that the Rift has a built in Mic. I could have talked to those people in that VR social chat program where I was looking around at everything like an idiot while people were asking me ...

falken76 by Level 13
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Does your touch controller "clack"?

Working on the assumption that only people with problems make their vices heard, I thought I'd conduct a poll to see what the extent of this issue is.Please take a moment to to record you touches condition below, feel free to post when to his started...

elboffor by Level 12
  • 10 replies
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no sound in the Lab

I went into my sound settings on my pc but I have no sound in steam. what am I doing wrong?

ky4jw by Level 4
  • 2 replies
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It must be said, but they are awfully good. (Rift headphones)

The Rift headphones.I am far from an "audiophile" but still picky when it comes to sound. If you get a MP3 player or similar today it comes with earplugs which in general sound like something you won at a tombola at the Chinese dollar store. I love b...

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