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When will this forum code be finally fixed?

HiI almost threw my monitor out of the window. Why? Because of f... auto-fill feature.If it bugs, it's bugged. Period. You can't write ANYTHING. I constantly get a mini-pop-up windows with someone's nickname. I click it, just to make it go away, I go...

RonsonPL by Level 7
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Frame interpolation video player...

I am trying to find a way to play 180 degree side by side movies with frame interpolation (like svp), Anyone know how to do this in the rift?Thanks!

you by Level 4
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biggest disappointment

so now that vr is here and some of us has spent time gaming in it. I was wondering what would you say is ur biggest disappointment in gaming in vr? For me, it has to be the teleporting locomotion and the fact most dev like 4A games won't even offer u...

Mane_Vr by Level 4
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auto ASW - performance issues

So I was messing a bit with ASW, and so far, I'm not 100% happy with how the automatic ASW performs on my system,In my understanding it is supposed to fix positional judder and ghosting on low fps (and also allowing lower spec PCs to enjoy VR).While ...

Syndroid by Level 7
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Syntosyes in progress welcome suggestions.

We at MGSStudios are currently working on an FPS VR shooter for use with Touch and Vive.Firstly I will mention we are welcoming suggestions of what you would like to see within the game and to what people like and dislike.The game will feature : - To...


how do I get friends on the Oculus so I can chat and play with them?

LongBey by Level 2
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Has anyone had a chance to try out the Microsoft Hololense yet? Had a go last weekend at a tech fair. To say that it is underwhelming would be a rather big understatement.If you think you have a small field of view in a Rift, give the Hololense a try...

Best VR Games of the Year Award

A winner has not been chosen (probably because 2016 isn't over yet), but I'm very pleased to see that Eve-Valkyrie is currently in the Top 5 list:1) Batman Arkham VR2) Eve: Valkyrie3) Job Simulator4) Rez Infinite5) Thumper

Zenbane by Level 15
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Install issue

I was having issue with my rift so I have formatted my PC and reinstalled windows to rule out software issues. When I run the rift software it asks me where I want to install it. I choose the D drive but on the next screen it tells me it is going to ...

CV1 games - without Store

Hi folks!Just a quick question: Everytime a VR App opens, Oculus Home automatically opens and loads!How can I start VR Apps (like on Steam and Stuff) without the Oculus Home App?Thanks&Cheers!

nn23 by Level 3
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VR as a documentary film making/production tool

I have been looking at several projects recently which allow you to revisit the places where disasters have struck. Chernobyl, Titanic etc .... They let you take the front seat and experience the events of that time. I think that is a very poignant w...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Sci-fi Game for HTC Vive and Oculus rift CV 1.

Game "PIRATADO" $1Game for HTC Vive and Oculus rift CV 1.+ You can play game without VR Mode !Science-fiction space simulator.The graphics are impressive and gameplay shows great potential.There are 45 levels to play through, all of which must be unl... another vr hating jerk reviewer

The bottom line is after using PlayStation VR extensively the reviewer said vr will not be ready for the mass market until it can do at least 4 k and Wireless. His tiny brain can't wrap itself around the fact that when video games first came out even...

inovator by Level 12
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Advice for purchasing the new Desktop GPU Laptops

Hi Folks,So I wont bore you all with why I'm looking to move to a laptop but It is something I think I need to do at this point. I have the CV1 with touch pre ordered as well. Im looking at buying one of MSI's new VR ready laptops with the desktop gp...

Vive vs Oculus for bugs.

Does anonyone know how many issues there is with the VIve compared to the Oculus.Eg, usb drop outs, tracking issues, random drop outs.I am wondering whether more people with go with the vive. I mean seriously there is some technical issues with the O...

An excellent Oculus replacement for your amusement!

Dear friends, We are glad to offer you a new format of virtual reality headset, which is identical to the Oculus Rift DK2 according to their characteristics .It is an excellent Oculus replacement for your amusement! •Screen Resolution 1920x1080 •CPU ...

My few complaints.

A month ago, my Oculus arrived and I have used it every day since that day. Now, I can imagine what it's like to swim in the ocean with a blue whale or what it feels like to fly in outer space. It's a remarkable device for gaming and I don't have buy...

3D Audio Workflow

Can someone explain simply what the workflow is like for mixing 3D audio for VR games?Do you edit SFX in Pro-tools then mix in another software using Oculus plugins? Do you edit SFX in Unity and mix audio in Unity? Can you edit and mix entirely in Pr...

DK2 for lower budgets?

Hello chaps I have a DCS World friend who would like to get in on the VR act, but doesn't have the necessary dosh to invest ina PC upgrade and the Rift. He's looking for a cheaper alternative.He was looking at that Epoon (?) E2 thing - but having re...

Vr Fails funny 

Anonymous by Not applicable
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PC Build

Hi, Kinda new here and I need some advice with my PC buildI currently haveAMD FX-8350, GTX 970, 16BG DDR RAMand I mostly play games thru VorpXSo new games get pretty choppy with the head tracking I think my CPU is the weak point that holding everyth...

Ikera by Level 2
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UPDATE - Tested room scale with Touch and two sensors

I was finally successful in finding a set of cable extension for my Rift, so I set up my living room for a full room scale VR experience using two sensors, to test out the tracking of the HMD and the Touch controllers. I placed my sensors about 2 met...

Mr_Wilde by Level 7
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