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Leaks show huge quest improvements!

This will make me give away my rift s and maybe not buy the hp g2. If no other standalone is announced this all in one headset.would be the future of oculus. That was my prediction months ago. There are video like ads you can easily find that push th...

Is a gtx 1080 ti overkill for oculus link?

I just got one. I have a 1070 already. I want to max out the resolution through link. Will link make a 1080 ti close to 100% I know it only runs at 72 fps. I don't know a lot about computers. Will I see a difference between a gtx 1070, 1080 or the 10...

Is a 6600k overclocked enough for oculus link in 2020?

Hi I have a gtx 1070 and 6600K. I noticed lots of the newer rift s games recommended cpus had more threads and higher speeds. If I can overclock the 6600k will it be enough. I might upgrade to a 1080 soon. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to a 6700k...


I'm from philippines and I own a Gear VR. I enjoy using it because I could watch the "THINGS" that I wanted to in private. How can I order the 128GB Oculus Quest? And How much is it gonna cost me?? Thanks.

Be careful where you put your hands!

I just got the email from Oculus foreshadowing the changes to the T.O.S. due in October.It's a little bit concerning that their data collection will increase hugely with VR technology. Here's a clip from the email................Oculus Features: We p...

Richooal by Level 12
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Guardian keeps resetting

I’m on the oculus quest, and I’m having a very annoying bug where every time I move slightly or turn my head too much, the guardian completely resets and makes me redraw. It is extremely annoying, as all I want to do is play my game. Help?

Resolved! How much vram do you need for VR?

Oculus recommended specs for VR is a GTX 1060 or RX 580/480. However, 1060 has a 3GB/6GB version while 580/480 has a 4GB/8GB version. Which version is better? How much VRAM do I need?

Connecting to family in VR using your own headsets.

I am about to go overseas on a work trip and plan on taking my oculus quest with me. I have an oculus rift s at home and I'm currently teaching my not to teach savvy wife, how to use it.What id like to do, is hang out with my wife in VR using apps li...

What if I bought a HMD other that Oculus Rift ?

With several HMD on the market lately, & OR being closely link with face book, my next purchase may be from a different manufacturer. What happens to the apps that were bought at the oculus store...lost ?

bobd14 by Level 4
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Holiday Plans

So what do people think the chances are that on black friday/cyber monday that there will be a sale on headsets? would love to be able to grab one this holiday season if i can afford it

Strange Email

I just received an email addressed to my brother in-law who never owned an oculus and passed away from cancer last December about update terms of service, And that email address is not the one I use for my Oculus account Edit Just remembered when my ...

Ubisoft Reveal Latest VR Project

Ubisoft moves to the next level of immersive entertainment, announcing 'FAR CRY VR : Dive Into Insanity' - coming to the Zero Latency VR platform in a ground breaking partnership for the #LBE #VR industry. AAA content now looks to LBE VR as a new bus...

LipSync requires yelling

When running the AvatarSample project in Unreal, in order to get the lipsync of the avatar to trigger, I have to speak really loudly.I see that `SilenceDetectionThresholdCVar->Set(0.0f)` in the code, so I don't know what is wrong.When using my avatar...

Facebook XR, Quest, and the battle against Apple + Google

The topic of Facebook's direction with Quest, PCVR, Stand-Alone, Oculus branding, and VR in general is a fairly hot focal point for discussion. One thing I was hoping to address in this thread is the main driving force behind Facebook's strategic mov...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Thought I would give Subnautica a go but I cannot see the mouse curser in vr and it only appears in window mode plus my xbox one controller is not working right is there any fix for this

Resolved! Does the headset support HDMI or usb type 3?

I'm trying to get into VR, but I have been running into the problem of my laptop not having a displayport. Does The Oculus Rift S support HDMI, and if not, is there an adapter i can buy that would let me use it with my laptop?

Elite Dangerous Odyssey - How's that gonna work?

Exciting times and I hope comes to VR. Interesting the website doesn't mention PS5 or Xbox Series X but sticks with current gen systems. life on the frontier of space to new depths, Elite Dangerous: Od...

Games not available on store

Good evening everyone!I just got the Rift S in korea and im trying to download some games like Lone echo and lone echo 2 but they don't come up on the store for question is that is there any region lock or store difference because im in korea a...

Game not appearing on oculus app

Hey guys! I just got an oculus rift and the first game i purchased was beat saber, i bought the game, i got the email conformation and its not showing up on my oculus app that i have the game purchased, I'm using the same account i used when i bought...

VR Sequels that need to happen

What VR Titles would you love to see a Sequel to?For me, these titles are long overdo for a follow-up:ChronosFarlandsAlbino LullabyFatedEdge of NowhereNevermindWitchbloodMage's TaleXingFormSacralith ❤️

Zenbane by Level 15
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Two headsets with one Facebook account

I have four VR headsets - a Rift, a Quest and two Gos. I use two Oculus logins so that I can play multi-player games between accounts. For example, I can play Rush with my grandson - me on one Go and him on the other.What will happen when we have to ...

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft ?

Video Games is an amazingly mainstream recreation time action with in excess of twobillion clients around the world (Newzoo, 2017). Notwithstanding, the mediajust as experts have underscored the potential risks of unreasonable videogaming. With the c...


オキュラスクエストで、ヘッドセットと携帯のペアリングの際の5桁の数字を再確認する方法を知りたいです。 うっかりメモを取らずにスペックの低い端末にペアリングしてしまい、別の端末に切り替えたいのですが、表示の仕方が分かりません。