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Black/Blank Screen on Quest with Unity 2021.24.f1 and the new Oculus OpenXR Integration


As the title says, I am getting a completely black/blank screen when I build to my Quest after I updated the Oculus Integration to 33.0 and Unity to 2021.21.f1.  I have selected OpenXR under XR Plug-in Management, made sure the Oculus Quest Support was checked off in the OpenXR options and also made ran from the drop down menu Oculus -> Tools -> OpenXR -> and choose Switch to OVRPlugin with OpenXR Backend.  


I am getting no errors, just blackness.  Not even the Unity Logo is appearing. Have others gotten these versions to work together? Has anyone else moved to OpenXR for their Quest?






I will add that both the Profiller and the Runtime Debugger connect, but show no real time data whatsoever.  Just blank like the Quest itself. Why are others not getting this?  My project is nothing special but I am running Vulkan which did run fine before.Debuggers.PNG

Level 2

I'm having the same issue.  Builds to the Quest 2 stopped working on Wednesday 10/13/21 with no update or action I initiated.


I've tried:

  • Updating and removing/installing all XR related Unity plugins
  • re-cloning my project fresh
  • Re-installing Unity and Android build tools
  • Taking some steps found on forums involving inserting an android manifest file with specific uses-features turned on into the Assets/Plugins/Android folder of my project

Literally nothing works.  No unity splash logo, no build failures or anything.  Just a black screen with the "loading ellipsis" when I run the app on the Quest.


If anyone finds anything I am all ears.  Need to get my project up and running on Quest again.