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Keyboard Overlay broken with v33 update

Level 3

The Keyboard overlay doesn't come up any more after the v33 OS update. Is this something the needs fixing in a system update or are there some new settings/manifest entries that are needed from this version?


Level 2

Same issue on Unreal - dismissing the keyboard results in being impossible to call upon again. Interesting note, for our 'Editable Text' widget, the "Text Commit on Dimiss" option for Virtual Keyboard Dismiss Action results in at least being able to call the keyboard up on another widget, but never on the same field again.

Has anyone found a workaround for this? It's broken some release apps for us.

Level 2

We are having issues with this  currently, asking if there's more info about this now?

Level 2

Same issue in the newly released v34 on Unreal (Oculus 4.27 fork - latest version). It works once, and then you can never show it again. Doesn't even work after you restart the app - You have to restart the whole device, so I'm guessing it's related to some keyboard service running in the background?

Oculus Staff

Hey there! The fix will be introduced in v35. Thanks! 

@michellaneous Do you mean v35 of the system or of the integration package? Also what's the ETA on that?

Level 2

I'm shocked that no one has made a bigger issue of this yet. There are a lot of productivity apps that cannot function normally without the use of the keyboard. I'm not connected enough to light a fire under anyone but in my honest opinion this is a major failure for this to be an issue for as long as it has. Even if it isn't possible somehow to hot fix this I would expect an emergency operating system update for it.


Can anyone from oculus chime in on this and set some realistic expectations?

Level 4

I just got update v35 and it is still not working. When clicking on a Unity input box sometimes the keyboard will appear (mainly after a restart of the headset) but most of the time it will simply not make the keyboard appear. In cases the keyboard appears but after closing it the controllers won't reappear in the app again. Lots of issues causing big problems with clients for now almost two months.