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Oculus invites and Photon

Level 2


We using Photon for networking and trying to implement oculus invites.

Currently, looks like user FORCED to be in a oculus room to send invite, event thought we can send any ulong(with length limitation) room id there.
Therefore we forced to do some hacks for it to work:

inviter: [if NOT in room(CreateOculus room -> Created photon room with same roomID)] -> Start oculus inviting process
invitee: [if in room(Leave oculus room -> leave photon room)] -> joint oculus room -> join photon room

And all of this is because we didn't found any way of starting invite process while NOT being in any oculus room.



Are we missing something? Is there any way to send oculus invites with out being in oculus room?




Level 2

Sorry, but any help please 😃

Level 2

Hi, I'm digging this thread up.

We have the exact same issue where need to invite friend before starting the matchmaking. We do invite friends through Group Presence, but once they reached our destination, we don't know how to tell other players in Group Presence to reach a specific Photon Room.

Is there any way to send some sort of deeplink message or update in players within the same Group Presence ?