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Video player freezing on Quest 2

Level 2

I have developed an app where videos(mp4) would be stored in the data path, loaded in runtime and played via Unity's Video Player. The app has been around since development in the original Quest and it runs smoothly. But recently we've experimented with Quest 2 and the video seems to freeze intermittently. The freezes can range being a couple of skipped frames to the image being frozen for the entire duration of the video. Testing on the Quest 2, game performance also dropped, namely the game can freeze for a second or two after videos have finished playing. 


Level 3

Hi there. Curious if you ever figured this out. We have the same issue. 

Level 4

Hi, you have to figure out what is the encode of your video : Oculus Browser Video Support | Oculus Developers and use FFmpeg for change it. Also, verify your compression method it can be the the problem especially if your app work well in Unity but not in standalone.