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Issues with instantiating prefabs

Hello, I have encountered multiple times different issues when instantiating prefabs (via standard GameObject.Instantiate or Addressables), Since my scene is data-driven, I am loading most of my Game Objects on Awake() / Start(), and that causes a re...

Oculus home button - controllers spawn on face

I'm developing a VR app for Oculus Quest, and I'm noticing strange behavior when hitting the Oculus home button on the right controller. The app slows down significantly, it almost seems like a second camera is created, and both controller models spa...

CNevan by Level 4
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Hand Tracking not Working on Quest 1

Hi all, I've been working on an app for Oculus Quest 1 (Unity, Integration SDK), using Link.Until today everything was working fine. Suddenly, all of the scenes using hand tracking (through the Interaction SDK) have the following problem: the hands a...

OVRSceneManager - can't query scene

Hello, I'm trying to get to grips with the scene querying functions, specifically in order to get the known positions of the floor, walls, desk, sofa and windows. I've set them up in the OS on my Quest 2 and I can see them renderered when in the home...

Meta Avatars + Interaction

I know this has been asked in the past but nothing I've searched has provided any useful information. I like the idea of using Meta Avatars, although there is no documentation on how to combine them with the interaction SDK. I either need some direct...

controllers not moving

Hello, My controllers stopped working when entering game mode. They work fine on the hub and the device is connected properly to my PC with the link cable. I'm working on Unity and can edit without issues, when I enter game mode, I can see and move m...


Hello guys, I was publishing my Unity XR apk on Oculus Developer Hub, but white uploading an error pops out. It says -The focus aware manifest meta-data tag must be set with required="true". More information can be found here: https://developer.oculu...

shehran by Level 2
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Buffer-based Haptics are broken for Quest 2

Haptic controller vibrations are a crucial tool for creating game immersion. While simple "buzzes" (a constant vibration amplitude for a specified duration) can be serviceable, modern controllers allow developers to play custom waveforms through the ...

Resolved! Head Tracking not working from Unity Build

Hello! My VR app, which I have built exactly according to the instructions here - https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-enable-device/ no longer supports the built-in head tracking from Oculus Integration. That is - the app builds an...

[Hand Tracking] New Oculus Start Button

Hello,With the last update 17, i've noticed that there's now the start button showing within the left hand, like the right hand do with the oculus button.I've also noticed that Waltz of The Wizards use this button to trigger a Menu Settings.My questi...

One grab rotate transformer broke

Hi, I use One Grab Rotate Transformer for joystick which give a boost to she ship and when is rotate and give boosted to ship and i ungrab joystick, after grab it again I cant rotate him anymore. What should I do?

Application.quitting not getting called

For my project, we have an analytics call that we want to perform when the user is trying to close the application. When we test the logic in the editor, it works just fine. However, on device the code does not get called. I have seen from some other...