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initialising teleport on collision

Level 2
Non-coder alert!
Ive been bashin my head all day trying to do a simple thing. I made my own very simple script to teleport a player to a new place when the hit a collidor... works great, but its very simple. Cant rotate the player on arrival, cant do any kind of fade to mke it nicer... etc...
Then I discover ITS BUILT IN!! Or rather, there are many examples of teleport in the Sample package with Oculus integration.
But they are all about different Locomotion methods. But the EFFECT is what I want!

So I have 2 questions:
1. How can I get the example in the Locomotion demo into my game (specifically want the second example, where on stick controls free movement and the other uses teleport, does it need a navmesh? Just draggin it in didnt work of course... or rather... I flew a million miles up and never came down.
2. My REAL question, how can I make a collider object so when my player hits it, I can configure a teleport to another place, either instant, blink(fade to black) or lerp...dash whatever...

Help gratefully appreciated