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ASW doesn't work even when enabled

I'm on the latest oculus branch of ue427, have enabled ASW in the rendering settings and I'm using Oculus Developer Hub to see ASW frames and they come out to 0. I've also enabled experimental features (which is in the wrong place in the plugin becau...

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Showdown demo quest vr version download problem

Hi, I am unable to download the famous Showdown demo quest vr version ,from quest github, no downloadoption available for the project,does it has limited access , or there is some option that i need to do to download it , the link is athttps://github...

Aymito2 by Level 5
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Quest Pro face tracking Unreal Engine SDK

Hello,We are planning to develop an Unreal Engine game using the Quest Pro face tracking. To do so, could we use the Avatars 2.0 Codec so that the facial expressions of the original avatars of our game will faithful to those of the players? If so, wh...

How can I get OVR Lip Sync working in UE 5?

I'm having issues getting OVR lip sync running in UE 5, it works in 4.27 great. I've seen a user mention he got OVR working in UE5 by editing OVRLipSync.Build.cs and adding "AndroidPermission" to PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange. I've done this w...

zonfar by Level 3
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OVR Lip Sync live capture UE4 Demo not working

Hi I downloaded the OVR lip sync SDK and I've been having a difficult time getting the live capture Demo to work. I'm able to get audio to record through my mic but nothing happens to the Demo skeletal mesh I spent all day looking at other peoples tu...

Trying to upload rift app but get a server error

Hi , I'v met server error issue while tring to upload an rift app. Logs are written to: C:\Users\wzspdw\AppData\Local\Temp\oc_cli_5044897465587957_2022-06-18T03-23-07-986Z.log **************************************************************************...

wzspdw by Level 2
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Passthrough: OculusHMD plugin include fails

I am trying to use the OculusPassthroughLayerComponent.h in my c++ project, but the VS compiler gives me the error: Error C1083 Cannot open include file: 'OculusHMDPrivate.h': No such file or directory. C:\Projects\UnrealEngine\Engine\Plugins\Runtime...

Neo0007 by Level 2
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Oculus Debugger (with Unreal) setup help

Hello, does anyone know hot to get the Debugger working with unreal projects? I am following this guide:https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/tools/tools-oculus-debugger/ And I can't seem to figure out what they mean by UE4/Projects directory "2...

zenf137 by Level 3
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Scene Capture 2D no longer working in 4.27

I recently updated my project from 4.26 to 4.27 and now I cannot get any of my scene capture 2d components to capture a scene to a render target. I tried all the usual suspects including turning off/on multi-view, trying different rendering methods: ...

Resolved! Enabling Subpasses for Tone Mapping

Hello everyone, im trying to get Vulkan Subpasses for Tone Mapping to work on Quest 2 as described here:https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-tonemapping The article makes it look like it's as simple as setting "r.Mobile.TonemapSub...

UE5 Laser pointer direction

I'm developing a game with UE5. And with the Motion Controller component the forward vector points upward from the controller (up from the thumbstick). Is there a way to get the laser pointer direction, or a reference/guide somewhere to know which ro...

My entitlement check fails

Hello, I am having very new to developing for oculus and already tripping on the first step. I just cant seem to get verify entitlement to succeed. I am using unreal engine 4.27.2.I have already1. Enabled Oculus Online Subsystem2. Added the following...

Skywin by Level 2
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Setting up MRC for a project

My team is currently developing a game using UE4 and currently trying to include the MRC function by first using the "MixedRealitySample" project. It would be much appreciated if someone could provide any relevant information regarding the issue belo...