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Guardian System front direction

Hi all!Does anybody know if it is posible in Unreal to obtain the 'front direction' of de guardian system? I mean, the direction, in the virtual world, the player had set up as front direction when set up the sensor system in the real world. I can't ...

[Gear VR] Vulkan API support soon ?

Just wondering if Oculus already working toward Vulkan API implementation in Mobile SDK (that's what UE4 Vulkan dev told me) for UE4. I know it's kinda early since Android N isn't out yet, but nevertheless it's good to know we'll have (or have not) p...

motorsep by Level 8
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Fixing DFAO for desktop and mobile ?

Has anyone tried fixing DFAO for desktop and mobile forward renderers? @imperativity Since Epic aren't focused on improving forward renderer for VR (nor deferred for that matter), I wonder if Oculus has any plans for DFAO (and maybe some other graphi...

Android Oreo breaking shaders/textures

Hello everybody,we are getting more and more reports of users having issues with Daedalus. Specifically, certain elements in the game are being rendered pitch black.Here are two screenshots:I've personally been able to confirm this happening on a Not...

Pixel Density or Screen Percentage - break the view

Hello,I'm working on GearVR demo in Unreal 4.18.3 and 4.19.1Both versions have a bug with supersampling when I do: Screen Percentage in 4.18.3 to 120% or do vr.PixelDensity in 4.19.1 to 1.2, the view gets broken. Is there any way to workaround this i...

zsmbv by Level 3
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UE 4.19 and native voice spatialization

We're happily migrating to UE 4.19. In this version has been solved an important bug in the Oculus subsystem (present in UE 4.17 and 4.18) which prevented us from establishing a connection between a server and one or more clients; UE 4.19 has some in...

GearVR Touchpad event handling engine bug?

Hi all!I’ve just noticed, that in the 4.18 tagged Oculus Unreal branch, (UE version 4.18.3, Oculus API 1.23.0), the input for the GearVR touchpad is not working properly. When I perform a swipe downwards (a ‘medium sized’ one, let’s say, of 80 logic ...

Oculus platform & Unreal listen server

Hello,I am looking into ways to possibly use a vendor platform (oculus/steam) to help me make and possibly run a lobby but then after matchmaking have the two players of the game connect directly to each other for the gameplay, with one player runnin...

Fredrum by Level 5
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Multiplayer between Santa Cruz and Rift

Hi,Our title is currently set up as a rift and santa cruz title. This means there are 2 sets of matchmaking pools. Is this a requirement to have the title split? Is there no way for a rift to find a santa cruz through the Oculus OSS ? I can connect t...

Blueprint Oculus OSS servername is empty

Hi,I have set up a Matchmaking pool and I am able to host and join a multiplayer session using blueprint with the rift. My problem is the session search result returns an empty string for the server name. I am always just joining the first session in...

UDK: How are the "Mappable keys" raised

Hi allSo, would anyone know how the events of the keys pressed for UDK are lifted?We would like to be able to use a new device other than the mouse, the keyboard...: In this case the Kinect.We have developed our API that allows the use of Kinect in C...

Crash in Packaged Build after deleting OpenVR

Hi there,I am experiencing a somewhat unique issue and couldn't find any other support topics regarding this. To upload a packaged build to the Oculus Store, the openvr_api.dll needs to be deleted from the Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/ folder (they men...

3DLive by Level 3
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[Gear VR / Go] Motion controller gestures ?

I can't seem to find any info about getting gestures in BP from motion controller. Is it possible with UE 4.19?For example, I'd like to get controllers tilts/rotations (to do something like revolver reloading as seen in Dead and Buried).Thanks before...

Ue4 Gear Vr achievements with blueprints.

I have a blueprint project in Ue4 and I have put the achievements blueprints nodes in the project and I have edited them in my dashboard developer's page but it doesn't work. Does the Defaultengine.ini file have to be edited? Thank you.

rafgim by Level 3
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