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Another forgotten gem: Tethered (a God game like Settlers, Black & White - and maybe Populous)

Level 15

The original trailer - and what the game didn't look like with tons of SDE in the old days, but how it really looks now with lcd and tons of subpixels 🤓 



Content according to the devs: 


"In a magical sky borne world, take on the role of a powerful ‘Spirit Guardian’ charged with restoring life and balance.

Command the ‘Peeps', your loyal servants, to feed, fight, build, and sacrifice themselves for the greater good in a quest to release your entombed brethren. As the sun shines, harvest the islands' bountiful resources, bend the very elements to your will, and prepare your Peeps well. For in the night evil denizens of darkness stalk the land, feasting on your resources, your crystals and your Peeps!

Thirteen unique islands await your guiding hand in this beautiful and engrossing virtual reality strategy game, unlike anything you have experienced before!"


Get the game here:


- and for only $5 or close on Steam - on sale until Nov 1:


I just took a few shots - using the full power of the RTX 3090 with about 35 mill pixels per frame (for both eyes) in solid 90 fps - the game shined like never before (you don't need a fast rig for this game though - I'm sure it plays great even using a GTX 1060:



This is a game from 2017 - but look at the peep's clothes, quite detailed



The peeps commit suicide if you don't keep them happy - this one is about to jump



This is a God game - and a strategy game (RTS) - you can build a lot of stuff and need resources - like in Settlers 


Just to show the view - you're on a smaller piece of floating cliff - how can cliffs be flying? Well, we all saw Avatar with tons of floating cliffs - same thing here!  😉



Just another shot - many objects do have nice detail levels


Some shots from the devs - - and the game does look exactly like that - now 🙂







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