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Horizon Workrooms need an overhaul of the log-in process, room sharing, PC-connectivity


We have been struggling to get started in Workrooms but are plagued by the cumbersome and hard-to-understand log-in and sharing functionality.


After many trials and errors it seems to me that we have to logout and unpair the headset in order to a room in another account. Even so, we have a hard time trying to work out how this should be done. In addition, Remote Desktop can no longer recognize my computer. Re-installing, restarting the machine, restarting Workrooms on the headset etc does not seem to help.


It is also very difficult to understand how to invite people to join in VR. We you send an invite link it will arrive on their PC or phone. Clicking that opens the video connection to Workrooms. How on earth do you invite people to join in VR?



Hans in Japan


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Hans! We know how frustrating it can be when trying to set up a new account. Don't worry, we're here to help! There are clear steps for how to log into your Workrooms VR app in this public support article


As for Remote Desktop not recognizing your computer, this seems to be an issue that the team is investigating to find a solution for. 


In regards to inviting people to join you in VR, they will need to have a Workrooms account and be added as a member of the workroom. You can also invite people to an existing meeting.


We hope this information and the imbedded links help to answer all of your questions. 🙏😊 


I am able to connect to my own account, but I can not connect my computer. Two accounts are available in my Workrooms home environment. My PC stopped being recognized some time ago. I am also unable to enter other accounts in VR.



Hans Karlsson

CTO, Mimir LLC, Japan

The Remote Desktop problem seems to be a hard nut to crack. I see people posting about this from quite far back. I am on 1.2 now, still no solution in sight?