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Is there a more general situation with Crossbuy (maybe after new Meta Horizon account introduction)?

OK, have started a thread on Bonelab as I just bought it and don't get the crossbuy, and support confirmed that there is an issue with this title which will hopefully be resolved.


However, I was looking through my library on the PC client and noticed that it no longer contains Walking Dead:Saints and Sinners which was definitely crossbuy and used to be there.  If I select it in the store part of the application, I supposedly have to pay the full price.


What is going on?  There seems to be some weirdness of late.  The PC app itself fell over on me a couple of days ago and I ended up having to reinstall it, twice.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the new Meta accounts.


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Volunteer Moderator

It definitely seems the Meta account changeover screwed up things for some people (some had their whole libraries disappear).

Luckily I've avoided any problems so far, but I've seen quite a few who aren't so lucky.


It certainly doesn't help that Oculus Support has been telling people misinformation about cross buy, like that Bonelab isn't cross buy (it most definitely is) or that cross buy means its on two platforms but you have to buy it twice. (I see people on reddit reporting what Support has told them)


Do you still have all the non-cross buy games you've bought (if any) on either platform? It almost sounds like somehow its split the rift and quest into 2 different accounts.

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To be far, I contacted support and they confirmed off the bat that Bonelab is crossbuy, there has been an issue and a fix is being worked upon.

I still have some Crossbuy games in my library (Drop Dead and The Climb for example) but Saints and Sinners has definitely dissapeared and used to be there.  I'll have to audit all my purchases to see what else has gone missing.


It's compounded by the fact that I don't often interact with the Oculus client application on the PC very much ... if I'm playing VR games on my Quest 2 I will use Virtual Desktop which just has a games menu built in and will handle launching anything else (like SteamVR or Oculus Software) that the game needs.  Therefore I can't say when stuff went missing.  I had never installed Saints and Sinners on my PC but was actually going to do so, to delete it on the headset to make room for the Quest 2 Bonelab 😆


It's almost certainly to do with the Meta account business.  I tried to buy Bonelab through the PC app because at the time it wasn't showing on the Mobile App for Quest .. but got 'unable to log in' type error messages when I went to complete the purchase.  Then I got an error with a dailog box advising me to run a 'repair' install ... which ended up downloading 5gigs and then telling me it couldn't repair.


I eventually ended up having to do a complete fresh install of the client software but bought from the Oculus web store in the meantime thinking it would definitely enable the PC version ... but just Quest is available in my library.