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Obduction revisited in 2022 - as beautiful and demanding as ever!

Level 15

I've found on Reddit that it does not matter if I repeat myself, because there are many new users who never heard about most PCVR games before. I'm thinking we may have many new users who don't know much about Obduction - this game:



Today many VR games are built for extremely weak mobile gpus - gpus slower than what you'll find in the newest high-end phones. In the old days (2016-2020), things were somewhat different. Devs tried to make VR the best it could be based on current PC hardware. 


Today, Obduction still is one of the most demanding VR games ever made - but still one of the best. The reason for being so demanding is - more or less - because you're basically rendering the entire 2D version of this PC game twice, lol - and that pulls some teeth even today (Obduction also works without a hmd). 


Graphics in Obduction are truly amazing - and even just with a CV1 ss 2.0 you need a RTX 3090 to barely get 90 fps (I got very little headroom, maybe 10-25% at best) - using EPIC details. Check out the light and shadows - and poly levels! Tons of 3D grass and leaves on the trees - awesome view distance - and highly detailed dynamic shadows! Images from the VR version:







Using ss 2.0 in the scene above, you'll need a RTX 4080 or maybe 4090 to get solid 90 fps - and that's using the CV1 😉


This image just to show the dynamic shadows of leaves on the ground. 




The above screenshots were all taken by Cyan - the developer behind Obduction. I took these screenshots using Rift CV1 last night:



If Obduction launched today, it would look better than most other VR games - that's something to think about - and it does make me somewhat sad



Even the flowers still look awesome - and all cast dynamic shadows



The view is as breathtaking as ever - and my oc'ed RTX 3090 can't do 90 fps here, but it's close



The light is just awesome - feels real



Some rays of sunlight seeping through the ceiling



Maybe a boring image, but note that every little straw cast a shadow



Hard to show here, but the cliffs and mountains will make you feel small



Textures aren't ultramersion like Boneworks and Red Matter 2, but aren't bad at all          


My old review still stands (my old heavily overclocked video card was close to a desktop RTX 2070, and not that far from a RTX 3060 non-Ti):




I can see I'm now comparing some apples to oranges. The screenshots I just took was using Epic setting for all in-game settings (or the highest possible). Maybe I should try to follow my own advice from 5 years ago, lol - but using ss 2.0 with CV1 I'm close to solid 90 fps now, I don't think I need to reduce anything. 

Note that the game was stuttering when I started it yesterday, but Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) said it was ss 2.0. I thought 2.0 was too much, but finding the settings and choosing "Auto-Detect" set all settings at Epic - and suddenly the stuttering was gone. It seems I need to use the Auto-Detect every-time I start the game to get rid of the stuttering. After doing the auto-detect, OTT still confirms the ss 2.0 and solid 90 fps. 


I'm not done with the game, it's extremely difficult - and I have not been playing for some years. Might need a walkthrough to get back on the horse, just a tiny amount of help 😉  


Valve Index & Oculus Rift CV1, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 8TB
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"