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Onward VR Latest update issue

Level 2
With the Latest update, downloaded and installed today 5/26/18 XD
I start up fine, hit solo, choose a map, it loads. HOWEVER. The second I see the box that holds the gun when selecting loadout, it immediately fades back out and then loads the home screen. I have not had any issue with Onward previously. Any ideas?

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If you are still having problems, the Onward Discord server may be of more help.

Level 7
I wanted to check on my PC to see if I had the same problem and if I could help, and I couldn't even launch the game !! 😮 Something was wrong with anti-cheat....
If someone has the same problem and has to enable driver signature enforcement, I found this useful vid :

Sorry wildshotohk, it now works fine for me, I don't know what's wrong on your side

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Level 2
Alright thanks, Ill look at the vid! It didnt dawn on me to try the discord server! If the video doesnt work Ill try there. I will post the solution once its found.
UPDATE**: Onward Discord was a great idea! Didnt help me, im uninstalling and reinstalling and praying.
UPDATE 2: Lowered my settings to lowest from the main menu and it runs fine now. Ive increased my detail setting to medium  but havent touched anything else yet.
 If you get auto kicked from a lobby after the update go to your installation path of onward and run the EASY Anti-Cheat Setup. This may fix it.

Level 4
The update works fine here.  Love the game just wish the players who are so serious about playing the game exactly how Onward 'experts' do would just set their lobby to private.

Level 5
hey guys! i'm one of the admins from the onward community and i'm letting you guys know that the devs have found the issue. they will release a hotfix as soon as possible!
more details below!

there are three reasons why this might happen.
1. EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) isn't installed correctly.
2. you use sofware that interferes or gets detected by EAC.
3. You take longer than 120 seconds to join a lobby.

(most likely reason 1 and 3 will be your case)

how to make sure that Easy Anti Cheat is installed : 
To do this you will need to navigate to the "Easy Anti Cheat" folder in your Onward install directory.

Inside the EAC folder will find the installer for EAC (EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe), run it as an administrator. then click

- Uninstall EAC
- Verify game integrity (Right click on Onward in steam, go to properties, verify integrity)
- Install EAC

if you still get kicked when trying to join a lobby after trying the fix above, it has to be the 120 second timer.

The developers know this and will release a fix for this early this week.

whenever you click on a lobby to join the match the game starts a 120 second timer. this timer was added to prevent people sitting in the lobbies while being inactive.
so try to get your loading times faster by either lowering your graphics settings or turning off some software that have effect on your hard drive speeds.
installing onward on a SSD card will help too.

if you have any more problems, let me know. thanks!

I can’t join rooms at all. I can join the teams, but no co-op lobby. Just says either full or error. 

Hey there! This thread is a little old so you may be better off reaching out to the developer of Onward on Twitter or something. It would be great if someone replied here if they're familiar with the game.

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