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Protips for BlazeRush

Level 12
BlazeRush is an awesome game which I highly recommend, and it's always a blast to jump into a server and start causing mayhem.

Only problem is, I get the impression that a lot of people just jump into those servers without doing the single-player campaign first, which would be just fine except that the single-player game does a good job of introducing you to the various game modes, weapons, and boosters gradually, and teaches a bit on how to use them... whereas a lot of the people I've seen online have no earthly clue what they're doing.

So, here's some crucial pro-tips from the guy who is (or was last time I checked) #4 on the world leaderboards:

Choosing a Vehicle: All of the racers are pretty well balanced (except for a couple of the last unlocks, which are actually disadvantaged because they're just harder to control while offering no real benefit.  You'll know them when you try them.)  and you can easily stay competitive just using one of the ones that were available by default.  (in fact, the first hover-car is one of my favorites).   But I suggest trying everyone out to learn their strengths, weaknesses, and the occasional rare quirk not represented in the stat bars  (such as Drift King, whose handling quirk is pretty self-explanatory)

Hover-cars require a special mindset to use because they have almost no grip on the track and your movement is raw thrust, ADJUSTING your course rather than immediately determining it. For the most part, you want to embrace that slidey handling, start turning BEFORE you hit a curve on the track and coast around it smoothly.  Never aim more than 90 degrees off of the direction you're sliding unless absolutely necessary because that will result in loss of speed, and if you are sliding too far to one side, don't be be afraid to aim a little further inwards than the direction you're actually trying to move in.

Rocket-type boosters are phenomenal on hover-cars, because you get the massive boost to thrust without interfering with how the vehicle handles;  in fact, that extra thrust just makes it easier to course-correct, if anything.   Pulse boosters are also amazing, because you can maneuver a little more than other vehicle types without cancelling the boost, so long as your turning angle isn't too extreme. The down-side to hover-cars of course is that they tend to be especially vulnerable to the Shockwave weapon and in general just easy to push around (partly because they float, and partly because most of them are just so lightweight)  and they have a hard time going out of their way to grab items.

Tank-tread vehicles are essentially the polar opposite to hover-vehicles, in that they can make SMALL changes in direction VERY suddenly and immediately head in that exact direction with no loss of speed or drifting involved, OR they can make wide, smooth turns and retain full speed, and either way you can Pulse Boost through the whole thing without disrupting it (which is AMAZING), BUT if you turn too sharply too fast you'll drift... and drifting in a Tank means sliding helplessly in the last direction you were headed, with attempts at movement or course correction doing nothing (without aid of a booster) until the drift ends, by which point you'll either have slid into a wall or off the track, and either way you'll have lost a lot of speed (which is where that low acceleration stat really hurts).   In other words, never drift a tank, always keep it stable.  Definitely the advanced vehicle options.

Few people seem willing to use the low-acceleration vehicles in multiplayer, but there is a definite advantage to such vehicles; Namely, not only can nobody ram you off-course, but machine-guns and shockwaves will hardly effect you at all in a high-weight vehicle. s

 You can do a 360 degree spin in any vehicle and only lose a little forward speed.  Hover-vehicles may have a slight advantage here because of their floatiness, but even Tanks can pull off this move pretty well. This is the main reason there are medals for hitting someone behind you with a Sawblade or Missile, although it's much easier to hit with the Sawblade (or goo gun).  Why wait for the opposition to pass you before you shoot them?  Do this just before a turn in the track and watch the unlucky victim go spinning into oblivion. 

Death Race Mode: 
 This game mode is BY FAR  the most popular game mode (In fact I'm getting sick of playing it 95% of the time) and yet it seems to be the most poorly understood.

The objective seems simple enough: try to be the last person to die each round, so you can get lots of points. Kill other racers when you get the opportunity, to make sure they die before you.   So where do people go wrong?   You have to pay attention to the scoreboard and think about priority targets.  Remember, when anyone dies in death race, regardless of HOW they die, everyone still alive gets a point.  That means that when YOU knock somebody off the track or into the grinder, you're giving points to the competition. Every racer you kill pushes whoever is in the lead closer to victory, and whoever gets taken out first will be starved of points that round.

So if you're currently the highest scorer, you can pretty much just try to kill everyone else with reckless abandon... but if you can take out whoever is in second place first, it'll really cement your lead.

If you're anywhere behind first place, you NEED to be targeting the people who are in first place first.  You should actually go out of your way to AVOID killing anyone else, especially if they have a lower score than you, until the leaders have gone off the track.  Unless you really just hate some particular guy or they've won the last few games and you know they can take a come-from-behind victory or something.

King of the Hill:   If everyone doesn't pick Death Race, you might get to play King of the Hill, and there's a similar strategy to learn here:  prioritizing targets.  

In most cases, you should only bother attacking whoever is currently the King, because they're the only racer currently earning points. If you take out someone who isn't in the lead, you're essentially just acting as the King's bodyguard.   If you aren't in a position to take the lead yourself, it's USUALLY better to let someone else knock the king away and then go after the new king, than to fight over second place..

The one exception to this is if someone besides the current leader has much higher points than them, (For instance, someone who held the lead for much of the race and then lost the position). Take any opportunity you can to blast that person off-track or otherwise slow them down, because if they regain their crown the game will end before YOU have a chance to score any points.

Race:  You will probably never get to do this game mode unless you host a server where the other two are disabled.   If you DO get the chance, the one thing to remember is that only crossing the finish line on that final lap counts for anything; being in the lead before that point has no real benefit, except trying to deny weapon pickups to other racers.. at the cost of not getting any booster pickups yourself.  

Knocking other people off the track before the end is really only good for getting them physically out of your way and taking away their items before they have a chance to use them... but feel free to blast people anyways just for the fun of it, or to pad your score. Unlike the other two game modes there's really no "wrong person" to kill, and no reason to prioritize any particular target, unless its someone who is consistently winning most games and you just want to end their winning streak.

Keeping a booster on hand for the final stretch is almost always a good idea, especially if its a rocket or pulse type. Stealing a last second victory is much better than just getting ahead on one insignificant stretch of the track, unless you know you'll be able to grab another booster shortly after.

Oh, and if you're going to try and blast someone to prevent them from crossing the finish line before you, make sure you don't just blast them across the finish line instead. Hilarious, but humiliating for you.  Sawblades and Machine Guns won't even slow forward movement unless you hit the target from an angle / the sides or get them while they're still pretty far from the finish line.  Missiles and the Shockwave will actually launch the target forward faster, if you hit from directly behind.  The goo launcher on the other hand is always effective and always safe... unless you run into your own goo.

It's hard being the voice of reason when you're surrounded by unreasonable people.

Level 8
Agree career mode is worth completing, just for the experience of killing the boss.  
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Level 9
Great points! I've worked through most of the single player, and have played online a few times. The points made for the Death race are great, priority started to dawn on me but it is crucial.

Blaze rush is such a damn good game - definitely worth the asking price, and entirely worth the current sale price.

Level 4
Thos is one of the few games i tried and tbh this one in particular sold me on vr.

I managed to get into a public game with my buddy at the vr gaming suite and after getting the hang of it was clear out in the lead right at the last corner...then some asshat hit me at an angle causing me to crash into the finishing line post and i came last. RRRRAAAGE lol

Level 15
I love BlazeRush! The best strategy is the perfect 360 spin while blasting everyone behind you.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Good tips! I picked up Blaze Rush in the sale, but I haven't played it yet. I'll have to try to get to it over the weekend.

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Level 7
Does anyone have an idea how to import the savegame from the Steam version?
I've completed the single player long time ago, when the game was first released for the Dk2 on Steam.

Oh, great post @OP