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Sharkferno -- looking for testers and feedback

Level 4

Hi Folks,

I am working on a game called Sharkferno for the Rift. An alpha version is available for test, and I would like to have some people try it and give feedback.

The objective is to save people on a tropical island from sharks. The sharks happen to be hovering over the land rather than swimming in the sea. You can play as a person or a flying drone, and switch your consciousness (i.e. transfer control) between them.

There are three sample levels corresponding to comfortable, moderate, and intense. The more comfortable levels have fewer things for you to do. Only the intense level includes the flying drone.

I have made an introductory video (about 6 minutes) for testers:

I would appreciate answers to three questions:

  • What do you like about Sharkferno?
  • What could be improved about Sharkferno?
  • Which of the three sample levels do you prefer?

I just need your email to give you access, and Sharkferno will appear in your Oculus Home. You can post it here as a reply or email me at You need to have an Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch controllers, and an Oculus-ready PC.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take a look at Sharkferno!

Clockworks Games