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Psychobus: VR Lab Rats 0.1 [educational release]

Greetings everyone!This is my first public software release ever, very exiting. I tried to recreate some classical psychological animal studies that I have come across in my psychology studies. What makes this experience "stand out" is perhaps the op...

MadisV by Level 2
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Riftmax Karaoke Night - Tonight @ 8PM EST/5PM PST

I usually keep this post on Reddit but someone seems to follow me around and downvote my posts to oblivion within minutes of posting. Anyways: Thursday, October 16th, At 8 EDT/ 6 MST / 5 PDT http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141016T1...

bilago by Level 2
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The Walking Dead VR

I recreated the Prison from the Walking Dead TV show to explore aroundhttp://theriftarcade.com/downloads/prod ... g-dead-vr/

God's Apartment

God created the world in 6 days and the 7th he rested. This game takes place on the 7th day inside his apartment in Heaven.Step into Heaven and journey to Hell. Watch as the Earth is created and witness the birth of the Big Bang!Check it out here htt...

The Walking Dead - Prison exploration game

I recreated the entire Prison from the Walking Dead TV show. This game took me along time to make and I wanted everyone to feel like they are walking around the Prison from the TV show.I've put it up Online for $1.50. $1.50 isn't much and as a thank ...

I would love to see a nature documentary on this

Not a 360 video, as frankly, they dont impress me (have only seen one, but still going to be flat textures rather than 3d).If something was made with almost photrealistic graphics, and say a diving scene, swimming around with the different creatures ...

Funkman by Level 3
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Parkour VR

Hey! Want see parkour VR game? This game develop on mobile platform but i think and add the VR and change some graphic elements.I don't have oculus but it's look cool and i hope it's work well. If you want you can test it and tell me your opinion abo...

Venezia for Rift

I released a Rift Demo from my Venezia project.Download link:This one is for the EPIC quality:https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/ue4arch/VeneziaRift.rarand the LOW quality...https://s3-sa-east-1.amazonaws.com/ue4arch/VeneziaRiftLow.rarI´m running the...

Escalation Technical Demo

Hello,I've been working on a first person VR framework for the last few months, and I've put together a free demo to show off all the features. It's my first game in Unity too, so I've learned a lot.It runs pretty much perfect on a GTX770, but I don'...

Question regardig InsurgentVR (Directtorift.exe)

Hello,Sorry if i sound to noob , I was trying to find the solution everywhere but couldn't found it , So i downloaded this game and i have no idea how to make it work on my Oculus with only This file.http://i.gyazo.com/3890dd22ded93d3ceb4b2e98631ea3b...

Tad's Trip

Video of version updated as of March 11, 2015***Version Updated 11:19 pm EST Jan 14*****Okay, I have no idea how to embed this video. So, I guess click the link.I'm told that adding a video will make people more comfortable with giving this a shot. S...

Alien Isolation $13.09 after coupon at GMG

http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/action/alien-isolation/Coupon code: H3U5TZ-9726D1-JIPSHCTotal should be $13.09 for the digital download. No tax or shipping. I think this will register on Steam. I've purchased from GMG before. They're r...

Herobound - need some help - want to complete it.

Hi allI really love the game herobound.. love it love it! But now I am stuck. I finished the two worlds left and right. Now I am in the third world, stuck at this square room with a circular platform in the lava. in the ceiling are 4 pointy things......

Voxel Paint v1.1 - Create pixel art in 3D

Voxel Paint is a simple tool for making 3D pixel art.----------------------Controls----------------------Mouse Left Click: Draw a voxel (hold and move to draw a line).Mouse Right Click: Erase voxels.Pencil and Eraser (Optional): look at the pencil or...

Crosshair and interactive hotspots

Hi there,We're currently working on a VR concept. Our objective is to go from one video to another via interactive hotspots.We would like to know how to create a crosshair, so that we can use that to focus our gaze on the hotspots, which would allow ...

Sorone by Level 2
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Spine surgery test

Hi everyone!I'm a little new to the forum, but have been working on Rift stuff for a while. This definitely has a ways to go, but I wanted to post a short video of what's been done so far, and get some opinions on how everything looks. Thanks for tak...

DCS World with oculus not working..

Hi.How do i get DCS to work with the rift ? Cannot get it to work, have read a ton of information about getting rift working with DCS, but non of them actually work -.-'DCS is actually a game that should work with Rift.Elite dangerous and Life For Sp...

Hveding by Level 2
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Assetto Corsa with Dk2 ?

Hi.How do u get Assetto Corsa to work with DK2 ? I see alot of videos and reviews about DK2 with Assetto Corsa, but how to play with DK2 ???I cant any guides on HOW TO get it to work.. I know its not rift support yet, but how the F do people get it t...

Hveding by Level 2
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Stereoscopic IP Telepresence Robot Launched

A Dutch team launched a Stereoscopic Telepresence Robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccw5GjVR81MThe image on the rift are rendered like you are actually inside the head of the robot, like a cockpit with controls and the outside view window. The c...

SceneVR - Social VR in the browser

SceneVR is my attempt to create hyperlinked virtual world that run in the browser. You create your scenes using xml + css + javascript, and then when they are deployed, you and your friends can run around in the same world and interact with each othe...

bnolan by Level 2
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THE DEEP [pre-alpha tech demo v0.55]

*updated (03/10/2015)* - added new videosHey folks,I've been working on this short gameplay demo off and on since the 2013 VR Jam. Here is the latest and greatest build for 'The Deep' (v0.55).******* VIDEO LINK *******extended trailerhttp://youtu.be/...

doghell by Level 2
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Pending - a horror short movie

Hi all, some weeks ago I have made a small horror video for the Oculus Rift. For me it has just been testing around a little bit because I like to watch virtual reality movies and horror is a good subject-matter for vr-movies. There are no commercial...

Bossi by Level 2
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Moon Karts

Visit http://www.wrenar.com to see more and download playable demos.This racing game is a tangent to the bigger lunar project from WrenAR. This is Rover Racing, where you can customize your rover's loadout and then race it around a really dangerous t...

crevver by Level 3
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Gallo-roman sanctuary

Update : First of all, the link : https://mega.co.nz/#F!XVAGEAqZ!f2S9qKOhzkmTCmRFZ0kK5AThen, some words of explanation. As you may have understand if you read the explanation below, the showcase is part of an undergoing experimental study.What you ca...

nazg by Level 2
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