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Groovr - Where has it gone?

I got this brilliant app 2 or 3 years ago, paid for some extra scenes and now can't find it - doesn't come up in searches or anything. Does anybody else have it and can still use it?Thanks.

Custom App Development

HestaBit is a 10+ years old custom app development company having a client base in more than 50 countries, mainly in the UK and US. When it comes to building web and mobile applications, our work has been recognized by prestigious organizations.know ...

Issues with grid snap and assets

I'm having an issue where when I load back to one of the models I'm working on the stamps and clay will not align with the grid. What I mean is that if you were to take a cube and place it on a plane it will not lay flat. I have tried resetting the o...

How can I get audio in Zero Caliber VR?

I am getting no audio for Zero Caliber Vr through any output. I have tried setting the oculus rift s headphones as my default output, but it does not change anything. Is there a fix for this?

Deal of the day?

HiI used to see regular deals of the day on the Oculus store, but I haven't seen anything for a couple of weeks now.....has this now stopped?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Pavlov to quest?

OK pavlov was supposed to come to the quest. It still has not came out. I cant sideload because my computer wont let me unzip files so I cant download ADB drivers. Therefore I cant sideload. So is Pavlov cancelled for the quest or is it coming.

Tous mes jeux disparus et remboursement bug

Bonjour,Tous mes jeux ont disparu de ma bibliothéque, lorsque je vais sur le store ils ne sont pas indiqués "acheté" et lorsque je clique sur le prix un message me dit que je les possède déjà, j'ai vérifié ils sont bien dans mon historique de command...

Escape room games

HelloI recently purchased oculus quest and am enjoying it very much. I was curious to know if oculus was going to make more escape rooms available? I have purchased Dark Matter. and think it was an awesome game. As I'm sure you know there are very ma...

Dragon Dance VR for Oculus Quest

Hi,I'm working on VR title inspired by Beat Saber, Superhot and Pistol Whip - demo will be available for free on Side Quest soon.I'm searching for the people who can help me to do some final playtesting - ideally I'd like you to record your first ses...

Crazy Kung Fu - Training game (Rift / Quest)

Hey All! Here's our latest game. And it's intense.Oculus Store == Early Access on the Oculus Rift/S StoreSideQuest == Free demo Quest version.Subscribe == Join the mailing-list to get updates on progress and releases.Website == Check out our other ga...

David Slade Mysteries: Case Files

Hello Questers & VR Enthusiasts;I am working very hard to bring you my latest game David Slade Mysteries: Case Files. Today I would like to share a small glimpse as to what the game is all about.Synopsis:David Slade Mysteries: Case Files is an ever e...

Dead & Buried II

This game is available for Quest and Rift, does anyone know if they are cross play, by that I mean can both the quest and rift play together ?

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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How quick on the trigger are you to request an auto-refund?

The Quest & Go platforms are standardized; unless you have sideloaded apps or otherwise "jailbroke" your device. With that said, all Oculus store apps are expected to load & start / run without issue.The auto-refund policy requires that you "engaged"...

wuzp by Level 8
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Critter Kart - fun and cheap!

Wow, lots of fun for very few dollars! I paid aud$3 for it on the Oculus 1st anniversary sale. Probably $US2 elsewhere.Plays great on my Rift cv1 and also very well with my Quest wireless with Virtual Desktop. Makes very good use of the Oculus touch ...