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Scraper: First Strike article and gameplay on VR Scout

Hey everyone,We had an article published this morning on VRScout.com. Check it it out below. We're excited for everyone to play the game later this year on the Oculus! Full locomotion, large levels to explore, engineering, scavenging, dynamic mission...

DogDevs by Level 4
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Fallout 4 VR any good with a Geforce 1080?

Would you say Fallout 4 works well with a Geforce 1080 or will I need a Geforce 1080Ti? If it does work well with a Geforce 1080, is there any settings you recommend I reduce to get a better performance?

Landfall - final mission

Can't solve final mission, plz help!player have to shoot a missile, but how? i hit it with turret fire, but nothing happens! I did it lot if times with different ways....

Digital Scent Technology product with 1000+ scents

I am a chemical engineer with a deep passion for VR. I started off my journey with the DK2 and instantly fell in love with the technology. My Start-up is building a high end (~$400) device which hasa few really cool features. Our product is a standal...

Creed: Rise to Glory

Just wondered if anyone has played this yet? Came out today, but it hasn't got any Steam reviews yet. What are your thought's if you purchased it?https://store.steampowered.com/app/804490/Creed_Rise_to_Glory/Edit: It's getting good Steam Reviews..

RedRizla by Level 15
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интересное название игры) пройти уровень, в конце 0 убийств). По сути, эта игра полностью пуста ...

Game refund

If i purchase a game, but not satisfied with it, can you get a refund? is there a "return period"?

1.31 home dash 2 borks asseto corsa.

After this latest update to the new home screen Asseto corsa and project cars 2 display in 2d fine but the cv1 just shows the new home screen and wont switch to the game. Tried all sorts of settings and reinstalls but no result. Cant roll back to 1.3...

DCS: F-14

The long awaited F-14 module for DCS is now available for pre-order with early access release expected this winter. Announcement trailer:https://youtu.be/fID1sE2xfwU

Need help...Elite Dangerous

Hey there guy'sNeed advice if i should buy Elite Dangerous or not. I see mostly positive reawiews about the game, but also some people who are totally frustrated about controls!I want it for xploration purpose. But i need advice if the Touch controll...

Elite:Dangerous player hacker!

My first experience of this today in Multicrew. I had just started and had cargo full of Collector Limpets. Player joins Crew called SANSTHEBADGUY then suddenly my Life Support goes and Thrusters go OFF and I get ILLICIT CARGO warning!!! There was no...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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i5-7500 Not Recommended (Opinion)

As the title says i cannot recommend this CPU for Echo Arena or lone echo. The CPU sits at 100% load all the time causing sluggish performance often in the main lobby. and some in the arena. We need a CPU that doesn't use 100% load during VR. With al...

Weapon alignment problem

I own and play Gun Club VVR daily. Today my weapon alignment is off. It is as if I am twisting my wrist to the left. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a way to realign the weapon so it behaves the way a real weapon would. I spent another hour looking...

Will Marvel PU get an expanding update?

Just wondering, It has been a really long time since the game's release. after 'completing the game' ( all uniforms and trinkets unlocked) in the first month I haven't had much of a reason to go back. the 18 heroes available aren't enough as it is an...

SCRAPER: First Strike Twitch Unveiling

Hi everyone! We'll be doing a live stream showing off our upcoming game SCRAPER: First Strike on Twitch at 3 PM EST. The game is a sci-fi shooter with RPG elements set in 2076. We have not shown any gameplay yet and would love for the community to ta...

Your VR Remastered Games Wishlist! (for fun)

Thought i'd put out a more creative fun post to see some ideas for what sort of game people would like to see remastered for VR Officially without mods or 3rd party apps. there are some super awesome games that would take off in the VR arena! Be cool...


There are a few BBC VR experiences in the Oculus shop, but I wasn't aware they did anything more until I watched a news item today (coupling the well known audio recording of a Lancaster bomber's crew as they fly a mission over Berlin with a VR exper...

!!! Tweaks for boost performance GTX 970 oculus Rift !!!

Hello, I will share with you the improvements to gain in performance , this is not the placebo effect, I use the SteamVR performance test software for the exams, with a Gtx 970 with a score of 6.7 to 7.8 with the following configuration in NVIDIA cha...

brais96 by Level 2
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